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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Addiction to Reliance Jio's free offer!

Reliance Jio, the Indian broadband company launched its free 4G Data and Voice services over VoLTE on 4th September 2016 and extended it up to 31st March 2017. Now almost all the people of India know about the name, 'Jio'! Many have bought the SIM card for free and became addicted to its services. 

When this Internet service is availed with Jio, my live visitor traffic viewer, Feedjit, showed my visiting  to this blog as from Jakarta, Jakarta Raya! I wonder whether the free Jio users are being spied from an another country other than India! 

Now the free offer date is going to end. What will the free Jio users do? Shall they leave the Jio and remain Internet-free or will they become addicted to Jio services in April 1st 2017? To know how many are addicted to its free services, Jio has now announced its 'Jio Prime Membership.' With this, the free service-addicted persons have (to become addicted again) to become a member by spending a token money of Rs.99!

After becoming an (addicted) member, they shall have to shell out Rs.19 (for 1 day of further addiction) through Rs.303 (28 days addiction, then extended for each of 28 days as per one's addicted state) to be in this 'free' inebriated state of remaining in the free Jio Internet service! But this is only up to 31 March 2018! To remain permanently addicted in Jio service for the next whole year (360 days), one shall have to shell out Rs.9999 and continue in this unlimited fun from Jio!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Incorrect information from Wikipedia!

While checking the news on the demise of Mr.Chandrahasan, (the eldest bother of the actor, Mr.Kamalahasan), I found the above noted wrong information on Mr.Charuhasan, the younger brother of him, in Wikipedia website. The information given on 19 March 2017 was that Mr.Charuhasan passed away. On 20 March 2017, the next day (today), I find that mistake corrected as seen below.

So, don't depend on the Internet knowledge. The contents on the source may change at anytime! The persons posting information on the Internet must double check the information carefully before, during and after posting it and correct any mistake, if found, forthwith.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Blocked website surfing!

The other day my usual web surfing was interrupted and there was a display showing that 'This site can't be reached'! When I clicked on the RELOAD, there was no response at all.

On clicking DETAILS, there came a display of list of options that didn't work too.

On clicking 'Checking the proxy, firewall and DNS configuration,' a window opened on the right side (Security Overview) and declared that 'This page is not secure'! Inferring that the website is being blocked for surfing by the ISP. 

 I installed UltraSurf, {that assured privacy, security and freedom) to circumvent internet censorship. After this, I could surf through that website easily without being blocked! 

But, I received a mail that someone has tried to access my mail account from United States! This mail arrived after I accessed my mail account next to that easy surfing of the website! The Ultrasurf is based in US!
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