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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This site, Sitemeter, can't be reached!

        In 2008, when I entered blogging, I wished to know how many people are visiting my blogs. So, I selected Sitemeter as it showed many useful reports about the visitors. In the year 2013, I found in one of my blogs the Sitemeter widget was replaced by a black rectangle! As there were it's widgets in my other blogs, I left out the matter as such. 

             Later on, recently, I found the widgets' links disappeared in my other blogs too! I found its name only on them and there were no codes for it in them. I could not get the Sitemeter website itself in my computer. There was a display on the computer screen as: 'This site can't be reached.' On googling, I found that Sitemeter is not functioning now! I lost all the benefits of viewing about the visitors' details such as their visiting time, country of origin, the browsers used, from where they visited, which pages they visited and how many minutes they viewed, the last page they viewed and so on. 

You can read more about the lost Sitemeter here:




Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yahoo Mail account losing and its recovery!

           Earlier in one of my posts here, I had alerted readers about the hijacking of Yahoo mails' particulars. Later, Yahoo Mail wanted to protect its account holders and made changes in its safety procedures. I had not read its alert mail about this change. Result: I lost one of my Yahoo Mail account. I was earlier careless while signing in the account and ignored it's demand to add phone number or change the alternate mail address to one that is active.
While I wanted to recover my account somehow, I learnt all these from 'Yahoo! Help': 

1. I cannot get back my account online if I have an old inactive alternate recovery email address for the account. (I was instructed to contact Yahoo Mail through personal mail/phone, indicating a laborious procedure ahead).

2. The security questions and answers don't work now to confirm my identity; I have to update my recovery email and mobile number to confirm my identity.

3. I can replace up to ten emails to get my mail account recovered and in order to prove my identity by following the account recovery methods mentioned here!

4. Recovery option is there on web browser from computer or mobile phone App.

So, be alert to change the lost or inactive recovery mail and phone number to an active and alive one to save your account from locked.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Yet other virus attacks and finally a solution for them all!

              In the previous  posts of this blog, I had mentioned about worm and virus attacks in my computer. Later I got still more attacks with them. Out of them you see in the above picture the Trojan:Win32/Detplock virus, that is displayed by Windows Defender. In the picture placed down you see yet two other viruses! They are Trojan:Win32/Powemet.A!reg virus and Trojan:Win32/Bagsu!rfn virus.

              Each time I surfed the Internet, I got them displayed by the Windows Defender as quarantined by it and removed them manually each time when I shut down the computer. Later, I observed that new viruses are coming up from the surfed websites rather than from the infected computers of the commercial Computer centres. Then I found out the website that was issuing the viruses to my computer!

                You see here above the picture of the website I used to surf through. Each time I clicked on a news article in it to read in a separate window, I got the viruses in the Defender showing them as captured! I stopped clicking on the news articles from then and observed for the past one month. I never had an attack with any virus! So, be careful in clicking on news items too as in clicking on advertisements.

Read here about the other virus threats I encountered:



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